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We are starting to receive lots of questions, comments, and greetings about the reunion.  We are opening up this Message Board and hope classmates will post those comments here.

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10/15/23 07:18 PM #74    

Maureen Nevins (Shea)

Such a fun evening catching up and reminiscing with old friends.  Thank you to all that helped to make this evening so special.  The venue was gorgeous, the food awesome and the band fun.  


10/18/23 09:53 AM #75    


Meryl Sher

Can someone please help me with the pictures I loaded to the section with photos. They uploaded upside down and sideways when in my camera they were straight up. Anyone a wizard with this?  I didn't see any buttons to turn them around. Thanks!

10/18/23 03:14 PM #76    


Barbara Murray (Warner)

For people with those blue background photos, you can fix the color - click the word Edit (above or below the photo) and then click the magic wand, and you have the option to adjust colors, brightness, tint, etc and you can get rid of the blue! (Works on iPhones)

10/19/23 12:27 AM #77    


Keith Goldstein

10/19/23 12:28 AM #78    


Keith Goldstein

10/19/23 12:29 AM #79    


Keith Goldstein

10/19/23 12:30 AM #80    


Keith Goldstein

10/19/23 12:31 AM #81    


Keith Goldstein

10/19/23 12:31 AM #82    


Keith Goldstein

10/19/23 12:34 AM #83    


Keith Goldstein

10/19/23 12:36 AM #84    


Keith Goldstein

10/19/23 12:38 AM #85    


Keith Goldstein

10/19/23 12:44 AM #86    


Keith Goldstein

10/19/23 12:45 AM #87    


Keith Goldstein

10/19/23 10:47 AM #88    


Marie Mitarotondo

It's lovely to see the photos from Friday being added to the message board. For those of us who don't know everyone in both classes, would it be possible for posters to add captions? I'm assuming folks won't mind their names being associated with a picture on this private site, but I may be wrong about that . . . . (Even though I don't mind, I just haven't gotten my act together enough to find and post my own profile picture.)

10/19/23 02:26 PM #89    

Mark McGuy

10/19/23 02:51 PM #90    

Mark McGuy

Hi 👋 All !  It was wonderful to see all our classmates North and South . A very big thank you to the committee Lis Leslie, Barbara, Mies and John Y for your time and generosity.  It seemed like we were back in High School but for a brief moment... truly good memories making for a great night.   Liz and Mark

p.s whose the guy in the tweed jacket and orvis shirt that photo bombed every pic???





10/20/23 12:41 PM #91    

Any Bodelin

Mark, I believe that's Doug Davidson

10/20/23 02:06 PM #92    

Tom Bellavia


Great time, So nice to see everone!!!!  All the best everone.....




12/29/23 06:31 PM #93    

Carol Hampson (Vislocky)

Saying thank you to Leslie, Barbara, Lis, John, and Mies just doesn't seem enough. Our 50th reunion was much more than I could of asked for. After high school we all went on to live our lives as we chose.  I want you to know how much so many of you mean to me.  I haven't personally met all of you but I still feel a bond unlike any other throughout my life. Thank you for just being you.                                                       With Love, Carol

01/18/24 10:59 PM #94    


Meryl Sher

Hello, Friends!

I'm excited to let you know about my upcoming performance. We will be performing arias, duets and scenes from some gorgeous operas as well as some musical theatre selections.  

I want to personally invite you to attend in person or by the virtual livestream.

The details:

Saturday, January 27, 2024

4:00 - 6:00 pm ET 

The Church of the Village [if in person]

201 West 13th Street(entrance on corner of Seventh Avenue)

Opera Arias & Duets from Puccini, Wagner, Verdi, Korngold, Beethoven

Show Tunes from Brigadoon, South Pacific, My Fair Lady and more!

Meryl Sher, Soprano

Frank Mathis, Tenor

Bryan Glenn Davis, Bass-baritone

William Hicks, Pianist

Here is the link to purchase either your in-person live ticket or livestream from anywhere in the world.

Thank you for supporting the exciting world of music and opera!

Please note!  If you can't attend on the day either in person or livestream, with the link you will receive by email from Ticket Stripe, you can watch the show at any time on any day of your choice following the performance.  

Please feel free to call or WhatsApp (for those friends abroad!) me with any questions.

With appreciation and love,


(917) 797-3799

01/19/24 02:50 PM #95    

Carol Hampson (Vislocky)

Meryl,  Thank you for the invite. My friend and I will be attending your performance. I'm so excited!                     - Carol Vislocky   

01/27/24 07:51 PM #96    

Nancy Goldman (Wolfsohn)

Hi Meryl:

Better late than never.  Just purchased a ticket for your livestream repeat.  Looking forward to it.

Nancy Goldman

01/28/24 12:36 PM #97    


Keith Goldstein


The production was such a wonderful experience!  Thank you so much for letting us know about it.

Your performance was amazing!  We felt honored to have been able to attend.

Sending much love and thanks!

01/28/24 02:15 PM #98    

Carol Hampson (Vislocky)


We were so honored to be guests at your Musical Smorgusbord. Thank you for giving this opportunity to us. I never knew in high school your passion for Opera. I'm so glad you shared this with us. Your hearfelt performance was amazing!




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