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We are starting to receive lots of questions, comments, and greetings about the reunion.  We are opening up this Message Board and hope classmates will post those comments here.

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10/14/23 12:30 PM #68    


Vicki Reiss

What a memorable evening!  Profound thanks to Lis, Barbara, Leslie and Mies for making it happen with very special appreciation to John for enabling us to be at a first-class venue. You all gave us a gift -- particularly at this time of horror in the world. To re-connect and celebrate deep bonds of friendship was an absolute joy!

10/14/23 03:18 PM #69    


Giles Purvis

What a great time and great place to have our 50th reunion. Again sending out a big thank you to Lis Patsner Hellwege,Leslie Connor, Barbra Murray Warner. John R Yurtchuck and J. Mies Hora fora fantastic time and place to celebrate this wonderful occasion. So happy to see many good friends that I haven't seen in a long time and actually lost my voice this morning from talking and laughing so much. I will cherish this night for a long time and wishing everybody good health and Happy Holiday's coming up and what away to end our High School memories. God Bless and well wishes to you all.      

10/14/23 10:32 PM #70    


Meryl Sher

Last night was the creation of another fabulous memory for all of us to share. I want to thank John Yurtchuk for his generosity and kindness in making this happen with such excellence. Massive kudos to Barbara, Leslie and Lis (alpha order) for all the back office organization. And to Mies for his design contributions. 
We grew up in a time that allowed a closeness that not many have. We all shared a similar integrity honoring and respecting one another. I feel very fortunate and grateful. The world we live in now is a very different place. I wish everybody to experience joy, passion, and love. Please be healthy and happy and stay in touch! (917) 797-3799.  

Do we want to keep this reunion board open or do we want everybody to join the Facebook group? 
Love & Light, Meryl β€οΈπŸŽΆπŸŽ‰




10/15/23 12:16 AM #71    

Beth Siegelbaum

After the Party

What a fabulous eve.  Accolades to Barbara, Leslie, and Lis for all your years of organizing, managing, and caring-- bringing two large high school classes, that were essentially pulled apart in 11th grade, when South was ready-- connected, together.  Lis your speech was wonderful; you must post it here.  I must also mention Mies and John, joining our three, incredible, smart women, and for John's generous financial support, to craft this spectacular, landmark celebration.  Thank you to Susan Gould Melaugh for those stickers-  'I thought getting older would take longer'-- we all thought the same!  Thank you to all of us who made the effort to attend, and I must mention I was quite humbled by the compliments I received for my poem, glad it touched you in some way.  I did not realize that Judy Kass evolved into such an eloquent musician, writer, and singer of meaningful folksongs.  I googled and have been carefuuly listening today. I was quite taken with her song 'We Never Did Much Marching,' it is absolutely beautiful. The tune wrapping major/minor chords at just the rght moments, elavating  the message-- relevant for this sad turn of events.  "We are watching, Because the stakes are at an all time high, And the situation's dire, We can no longer wait to take our place at their side-- We never did much marching, Not much marching, Look at us marching now."  We are all marching, marching for something, in some way, every day, and for this moment-- into this nightmare. You should watch a video of Judy's song, put together by Christine Lavin, one of my favorite famous folksingers, at  I also downloaded the song from Apple music. I purchased a new guitar this past November- I have not played for many years, and will add this to my list of songs to learn.  It also reminded me, rejuvenated me, to speak up for justice and truth-- to find hope for the future. Next week I will be more vocal at work-- look out!  Wishing, hopng, for peace and comfort for all.






10/15/23 11:57 AM #72    

Jane Marley (Errico)

Dear Classmates - I had a wonderful time seeing you all and a special shout out to all those who made the evening perfect! Thank you!
I'm also writing to let you know that I have just tested positive (1x negative and 3x positive) for COVID. It started with a slight sniffle yesterday and now it has morphed quickly into a pretty nasty head cold. My sincere apologies if I am patient zero! I wish you all good health!

10/15/23 04:38 PM #73    

Doug Bowen

The day before  our reunion, I viewed a short video my wife took at her 50th  out in Suffolk County. It was  so dreadfu I even considered for a minute not going to ours.Boy would that have been a colossal mistake!

What a wonderful night reconnecting with old friends in an amazingly classy and beautiful event.  So I  echo the sentiments of others and  want give  special thanks  to Lis Patsner Hellwege, Leslie Connor, Barbra Murray Warner, John Yurtchuck and J, Miles Hora for making the evening so memorable and truly special. 

Doug Bowen





10/15/23 07:18 PM #74    

Maureen Nevins (Shea)

Such a fun evening catching up and reminiscing with old friends.  Thank you to all that helped to make this evening so special.  The venue was gorgeous, the food awesome and the band fun.  


10/18/23 09:53 AM #75    


Meryl Sher

Can someone please help me with the pictures I loaded to the section with photos. They uploaded upside down and sideways when in my camera they were straight up. Anyone a wizard with this?  I didn't see any buttons to turn them around. Thanks!

10/18/23 03:14 PM #76    


Barbara Murray (Warner)

For people with those blue background photos, you can fix the color - click the word Edit (above or below the photo) and then click the magic wand, and you have the option to adjust colors, brightness, tint, etc and you can get rid of the blue! (Works on iPhones)

10/19/23 12:27 AM #77    


Keith Goldstein

10/19/23 12:28 AM #78    


Keith Goldstein

10/19/23 12:29 AM #79    


Keith Goldstein

10/19/23 12:30 AM #80    


Keith Goldstein

10/19/23 12:31 AM #81    


Keith Goldstein

10/19/23 12:31 AM #82    


Keith Goldstein

10/19/23 12:34 AM #83    


Keith Goldstein

10/19/23 12:36 AM #84    


Keith Goldstein

10/19/23 12:38 AM #85    


Keith Goldstein

10/19/23 12:44 AM #86    


Keith Goldstein

10/19/23 12:45 AM #87    


Keith Goldstein

10/19/23 10:47 AM #88    


Marie Mitarotondo

It's lovely to see the photos from Friday being added to the message board. For those of us who don't know everyone in both classes, would it be possible for posters to add captions? I'm assuming folks won't mind their names being associated with a picture on this private site, but I may be wrong about that . . . . (Even though I don't mind, I just haven't gotten my act together enough to find and post my own profile picture.)

10/19/23 02:26 PM #89    

Mark McGuy

10/19/23 02:51 PM #90    

Mark McGuy

Hi πŸ‘‹ All !  It was wonderful to see all our classmates North and South . A very big thank you to the committee Lis Leslie, Barbara, Mies and John Y for your time and generosity.  It seemed like we were back in High School but for a brief moment... truly good memories making for a great night.   Liz and Mark

p.s whose the guy in the tweed jacket and orvis shirt that photo bombed every pic???





10/20/23 12:41 PM #91    

Any Bodelin

Mark, I believe that's Doug Davidson

10/20/23 02:06 PM #92    

Tom Bellavia


Great time, So nice to see everone!!!!  All the best everone.....




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