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To Anyone From My High School Years:

I have retired from a public school in Metamora, Illinois, not far from Peoria. Receive a small pension, requiring me to work somewhere else. "Retirement" meaning "changing jobs." Have returned to sub-teaching, something I'm very good at, as well as tutoring/teaching home-schooled students.

Landlord in Metamora was Greg DePauw, a local artist, & quadriplegic. I used to put him to bed every night, but because of bedsore issues, he required 24 hour care, from those far more medically qualified than me. I lived upstairs from him. Though very hard at times, I had no desire to change addresses. He needed my rent money, & I needed a place to live. It worked for us. He was a real inspiration, to the locals, & not-so-locals. Given what he has overcome, he & his foundation encouraged a "can-do" attitude. He passed away in March, 2017, & I moved to nearby Washington, IL, in August.

I'm no longer, formally, in the ministry, however a church about an hour away has me there on Sundays, to be their "interim" pastor. The Lord continues to be my King. My parents are gone now, Dad passing away in '96, Mom in '03. My bros are not local to me, nor to Clarkstown. Chuck lives in southern California, working in the aerospace business. Married, with one adult son. Rich is married, lives in Florida, & paints, both residential & commercial. Every odd Christmas, I fly to Florida, Rich being the linchpin of the family reunion. Although for Christmas 2019 I went to SoCal to be with the older bro & his brood.

I encourage all of you who read this to read your Bibles or New Testaments, or a piece of literature that basically started my current spiritual journey, called "The 4 Spiritual Laws." It communicated that I had no reason to call myself forgiven by God, with the expectation of eternal life, after my death, unless I had turned to Christ, & was following Him. One's particular church affiliation is ultimate irrelevant, in this matter. People don't become Christians by walking into churches, anymore than I become a car by walking into a garage.

So, I consider it important, that everyone consider this, for themselves. Especially now that we live in a post-9/11 world. Who knows what a day may bring? I don't think that anyone who perished that day thought that they were going to die, that day. That's why it's critical, to consider salvation, as offered through the Lord Jesus Christ. And to not presume that one already is a Christian, just because one may be churchgoing. Or because you're an American. Or because you've been baptized. Or because your Dad or Mom or brother or sister is religiously devout. Or because you raised your hand at a Sunday School or VBS or walked the aisle at a Billy Graham Crusade. Or because you're good, presuming that God judges people, the same way you do. I.e. I don't think I'm bad, so I don't need a Savior.

Truth is, if there was any way to save people, apart from receiving Christ as Lord & Savior, then He never would have come to earth, to die for anyone (Galatians 2:21). He would have stayed in heaven, & never come to earth. But He did come, because nothing can save us, apart from turning to & following Christ. I hope you consider this, for yourself.

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As hard as being a teen was, there was so much at Clarkstown South that made going to school worthwhile. And Charle Gulotta was part of that. When he invented "Teacher Feature," it never failed to bring a smile to my face & laughter to my soul. What a genius he was! Who needed Mad Magazine. We had Charlie Gulotta! I'm also grateful for this website, which has given me the opportunity to link with so many people from the '73 class, including Charlie. We exchanged numerous messages, dealing with the basics of life & living. Rest in peace, Old Friend. 

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Michael O'Connor has a birthday today.
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Happy Birthday, Bob. Keep looking young!

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Welcome to the website, Dave.

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Still looking good, Dr. Bob. Hold on to the 50s, while you still have them! God bless.

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